e-Estonia and remote provision of the legal services: A real-life case study how the Estonian law firm NJORD was prepared for the new reality

The May issue of „The Legal Technologist“ publishes a series of articles that consider the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the legal sector. 

Among the contributors is CEO of NJORD Law Firm Silja Elunurm, who analyses how NJORD was prepared for the remote provision of legal services, and how we are coping with all the restrictions. It´s a real-life case study with insights into the e-Estonia´s digital history as well. 

The May issue of "The Legal Technologist" can
 be found here

"The Legal Technologist" is a bi-monthly magazine about 
the modernization of legal professions, process improvement, legal innovation and implications on legal practice. 


Silja Elunurm
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