To register a domain – very easy and very difficult!

When registering a new company, early registration of a domain is remarkably important, because each domain name must be unique and the domain registration sphere is run by the principle of “first come, first served“. Due to this domain names are registered by malicious persons, whose main goal is to cut profit from a possible sale of the domain name to its rightful owner.
Generally, the first step in establishing a company, is registering the business name and then the domain, under which goods and services are offered. Before establishing a company, it is not reasonable to disclose the name as this might lead to the loss of the possibility to register the domain. To prevent problems, the best solution is to register the name of the domain as early as possible – definitely before any public announcements, press releases, or company registrations. A domain name’s functions largely resemble a trademark because it provides information, depicts heritage and has an advertising function.
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