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Estonian Startup Database launched in Estonia

Startup Estonia, which is a governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the local startup ecosystem, launched an Estonian Startup Database (“Database”).
It contains around 1,000 startups from
different sectors. The Database provides data about the startup sector, business model, employees, employment taxes and turnovers. It is also possible to narrow down the search with particular sectors or criteria.
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Smart devices as lifesavers

In the midst of the development of smart devices, more and more attention is being paid to the most valuable asset of a human – our life and health. For the last two years, cars are required to have an eCall function which would call for help in case of an accident. According to the Estonian Emergency Response Centre, they have received dozens of emergency calls, one of these having been a call where help actually was sent out. Several smartwatch manufacturers are also developing functions for the watches, which would notify the user of a health problem or even call for help if needed. However, there are several aspects to these developments.
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5G utilisation in Estonia

The latest in cellular network technology – 5G – is a remarkable step forward in the development of wireless broadband and connectivity. In Estonia, 5G has mostly been in the news due to a complaint challenging the notice of competition for the frequency range, which has delayed the use of 5G. Before discussing the specific complaint, it should be clarified what 5G even is.
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