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E-residency – why would you need it?

Since 2014 Estonia offers digital identities for non-residents in order to enable access to many of the same e-services that were previously only available to persons living in Estonia. Foreign entrepreneurs have often many questions when they are suggested to apply for e-residency in order to manage their company. So, what is this e-residency about?
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Deficiencies in cyber hygiene will prove to be expensive

Secure authentication in a digital society is all-important. To ensure security, organisations should enact measures that allow users to use the systems in the safest possible way. It’s long past the time when relying only on a username and password for authentication was adequate. Cyber-attacks are not the “hacking” we know from the movies. It is much easier for the attackers to gain access to a system by using weak, stolen or otherwise compromised authorisation measures. Identity has become a new field of security in combating cyber-attacks.
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What must the legal start-up sales package look like?

Most start-ups eventually reach the point, where the personal funds of the owners and the funds generated from the company’s business are not enough for the start-up to continue its strong development. Thus, a necessity to involve other financing sources arises at that moment, e.g. in a form of attracting a professional investor.
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