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7 tips for your business’s cyber security

Cyberattacks can be categorized into active and passive according to their intention. The purpose of active attacks is specifically to attack you. In the case of passive attacks, individuals with malicious intent cast out a wide net and count on the likelihood that someone will get stuck there.

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Deficiencies in cyber hygiene will prove to be expensive

Secure authentication in a digital society is all-important. To ensure security, organisations should enact measures that allow users to use the systems in the safest possible way. It’s long past the time when relying only on a username and password for authentication was adequate. Cyber-attacks are not the “hacking” we know from the movies. It is much easier for the attackers to gain access to a system by using weak, stolen or otherwise compromised authorisation measures. Identity has become a new field of security in combating cyber-attacks.
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